We will never ask you to operate blindly or “just trust the medicine.” We are here to help you along the way so here is the practical roadmap to your journey with us.

Step 1. Select
Select the dates for your stay and reserve with a 50% deposit

Step 2. Prepare
We’ll get to know you and prepare you for your incredible journey

Step 3. Experience
This will be the catalyst that will shift the rest of your life!

Step 4. Integration
We will work with you during and after your retreat to help you integrate what you’ve experienced into your daily life

Our Commitment to You

1. To ensure your comfort and safety, participants are always served the medicine with both a male and female guide present.

2. We recognize that this experience can seem intense. We provide aftercare and integration services free of charge. We’ve successfully helped thousands of individuals integrate the learnings from their experience into their daily lives.

Ancient Roots for Modern Growth