World class retreats geared around the safe and effective use of 5-MeO-DMT

A call to those seeking transformation

World class retreat centers geared around the safe and effective use of 5-MeO-DMT

A call to those seeking transformation

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Tandava Retreats are professionally guided wellness retreats focusing on the powerful psychedelic molecule known as 5-MeO-DMT. These retreats allow you to explore the deepest realms of your innermost being, address behavioral habits that no longer serve you, and give you the freedom of life that you seek. We believe that no one should be a victim of their own mental patterning. 

Our retreats were created to give participants the space to engage in deep introspective work in a luxurious setting while having the love and support of their practitioners to handle whatever may arise during their time with us. We draw upon both Eastern and Western medical philosophies as well as individualized frameworks to provide the safety and long-lasting change that our guests desire. From yoga and meditation to neurofeedback and modern scientific protocols, we are here to meet you with what you need in your own unique journey. 

What does Tandava mean?

Tandava is the divine dance performed by the Hindu deity Shiva and is believed to be the origin of the cosmic cycle of destruction and creation. It is the force that destroys the old in order to create space for the new. It is the entire balanced cadence of life, the rise, and fall, the ebb and flow that we see in nature and in ourselves. At Tandava we facilitate real change, which oftentimes involves the destruction of behavior and identity that no longer aligns with one’s perspective on life.

Shiva performing tandava
Are Tandava Retreats the right fit for you?

It’s important to us that you feel sure that we are the right people to guide you through this next step so please message/call us and ask us your questions, share your concerns, and let us know about your experiences.

We take your well-being very seriously and want to know that we will create the safe, secure, loving container that you need for your experience. Whether you message/call us or simply apply, we look forward to speaking with you before you join us for the next step of your journey away from suffering and into your higher self.

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About Our Center

Tandava is located in beautiful and sunny Tepoztlan, Mexico in the state of Morelos, we are just a 90-minute scenic ride south of Mexico City airport. The weather is extremely pleasant and we are surrounded by large, dramatic mountain scenery that lovingly cradles the lush valley.

You can relax on poolside sunloungers in the afternoons and soak in the hot jacuzzi, or have a steam in our sauna in the evenings. Our property is set up to have communal space, as well as private nooks to reflect in peace. We are happy to accommodate your dietary needs, our menu is generally healthy and vegetarian, however, meat and fish can be served at your request.

Your private room will be waiting with a king-size bed, fresh towels, flowers, and greenery. WIFI is available throughout the property, complimentary laundry is handled for you, and there will be staff at your service around the clock.

Your Journey

At a Tandava Retreat, you can expect to arrive at your custom-created multi-day retreat container that will promote lasting, positive change in your life. Our role is to offer a range of lenses through which you can experience this next step in your journey. In this world, there are many different paths through which one can find the stillness within, and your path is yours to choose. We are here to support you along the way.

You may find your journey is suited to the transcultural framework of Joseph Campbell’s hero’s journey or that the indigenous/shamanic approach with experienced practitioners from indegenous lineages is for you. Or that your container is grounded in the yogic experience. Whatever your journey looks like, Tandava Retreat’s practitioners and integration specialists have the backgrounds to support you – ranging from the classic mystery schools to western psychotherapy – and we will ensure the right guides are on hand for your retreat experience.

Come take the next step in your journey with us.

beautiful pool, landscape, and mountains in tepoztlan mexico

What are Tandava Retreats?

Tandava Retreats are professionally guided wellness retreats focusing on 5-MeO-DMT. These retreats allow you to explore the deepest realms of consciousness, shift patterns that are keeping you feeling stuck, and put you back in control of your life.

We are raising the bar for spiritual retreats and retreat centers with our focus on creating a cohesive, guided experience in a carefully calibrated, safe container. Our retreats were created to give participants the space to engage in deep introspective work while having the love and support of their practitioners and the group to handle whatever may arise during their time with us.

At our retreats, you will experience a combination of meditation, breathwork, learnings from various spiritual philosophies, neurofeedback, western therapeutic practices, and safe work with entheogenic medicines. Tandava Retreats are only led by experienced practitioners and teachers who have dedicated years to mastering their craft and each retreat comes with preparation and integration protocol, ensuring the retreat can have a lasting impact on your daily life, long after the medicine has faded.


A Safe Container for You to Let Go of Control

We communicate before, during, and after your retreat to ensure the container you have for your entire experience is one where your boundaries are respected and you are safely held to take the next step on your individual journey.

Enhanced Satisfaction in Life 

A 2019 European study reported that after a single session of 5-MeO-DMT, participants showed a marked sustained enhancement in satisfaction with life, mindfulness-related capacities, and a decrement of psychopathological symptoms

Sustained Aftercare and Integration

The critical part of a successful 5-MeO-DMT experience is taking what is learned and integrating it into your life. We ensure you have that through our ongoing integration protocol where you work with your integration specialist for several weeks to get the most out of your experience with us.

Experienced and Learned Guides

Every Tandava Guide has been on their own psychedelic journey – learning through both personal and academic experiences. They are trained to help create the right container for your experience and to keep you safe on your unique journey.

Ready to Join Us?

Tandava Retreats is for those who are ready to take the next step in their healing journey with the help of 5-MeO-DMT.

We will guide you through your entire journey with us including:

1. One-on-one intake to ensure your journey begins in the right way – with a personalized experience with an embodied guide

2. Creating a safe container at your retreat so you can feel held and able to be vulnerable

3. Aftercare and integration to help you take the learnings from your experience into your daily life

If you are interested in attending one of our retreats, please select your dates from the calendar below and make your deposit. Reserving your retreat will require a 25% deposit, which is fully refundable if it is established after our initial conversation that you are not suited for this retreat at this time.

If you are accepted into the retreat, your deposit payment will be applied to the cost of the retreat and we will begin the preparatory process to ensure you have the best possible experience in a safe, secure container for you.

If you have additional questions or would simply like to speak to the Tandava team, we welcome your message.



Our Team is Our Most Valuable Asset

Integration is the most important phase of any medicine experience. It can be understood as the master key that catalyzes maximum transformation within an individual’s experience. To get the most of a 5-MeO-DMT experience, integration is non-negotiable. The process itself is hard work. It can bring to the surface challenging realizations, and recognition of behavior and thought patterns that no longer serve your purpose. This is why we take such pride in the members of our team.

Meet The Retreat Leaders and Integration Specialists

Joël Brierre

Founder & CEO of Kaivalya Kollectiv and President of Tandava Retreats

Joël Brierre is a pioneer in the modern psychedelic movement and has years of experience in the realm of 5-MeO-DMT and the Bufo Alvarius toad. His unique approach of applying classical non-dual yogic philosophy for both the preparation and integration from the entheogenic experience gained attention from around the world at the first World Bufo Alvarius Congress (WBAC) in 2018 and continues to shift the landscape of psychedelic use.

Joël leverages over a decade of retreat experience to curate a container that is designed to facilitate lasting change for participants. Drawing from a combination of timeless Eastern and contemporary Western integrative practices, Joël has ensured that Tandava Retreats give participants a container in which to safely unfold, explore the depths of their inner world, address underlying trauma, undergo cathartic release, and have the support system in place to help draw life-changing meaning from the experience.

Joël’s work at Tandava Retreats is consistently raising the bar for psychedelic and wellness offerings, working in breathtakingly beautiful settings around the world, and led by highly learned teachers and practitioners. Safety is Joël’s number one priority, followed closely by ensuring a warm and welcoming container that is both nurturing and expansive for each participant.

Victoria Wueschner

Head of Education

Victoria Wueschner’s introduction to the world of healing was through plant medicine. She has always loved jumping into the deep end, which is why she attended seven consecutive ayahuasca ceremonies in 2012 and realized she had found her path.

Victoria explored the world, working with different psychedelic plant medicines with both indegenous and modern teachers. In 2016, she completed her Yoga teacher training in Bali, along with her levels one and two Reiki certification before returning home to Vancouver Island to share these gifts and deepen her fascination with plant medicines.

After taking time to honor her own process and growth, Victoria stepped into the role of medicine practitioner, with a goal of helping others on their own unique journeys. In early 2019. She completed her Kambo training and certification through IAKP in Thailand.

Victoria then completed her training with the powerful medicine of the Bufo Alvarius toad, said to be the most powerful psychoactive experience known to man. Deeply moved by the force of this medicine, she immersed herself in the toad community, learning all she could in order to best serve those whose journey brought them to experience 5-MeO-DMT.

Victoria is President of the education platform F.I.V.E., a Head Retreat Leader for Tandava Retreats, as well as Head of Education for Kaivalya Kollectiv. With a focus on using the Hero’s journey as a lens, Victoria assists participants explore their own innermost workings and helps them unravel the very thought processes that have caused turbulence to their minds so they can enjoy a more peaceful state of mind.

Shanda Catrice

Intuitive Coach and Spiritual Wellness Practitioner.

Shanda Catrice is an Intuitive Coach and Spiritual Wellness Practitioner. She is a Certified Reiki Energy Healer, Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) trained Meditation Teacher, and a Psychedelic Integration Circle Facilitator who has over 10 years of experience in leading life-changing workshops, sacred circles, meditation classes and coaching retreats that have helped women create powerful transformation in their lives.

She is passionate about sacred plant medicines as a channel for spiritual emergence, expansion, healing, and liberation. Her work and spiritual practices are rooted in shadow integration, attachment theory, and the ancestral and indigenous spiritual traditions of the African Diaspora.

Greg Lawrence

Psychedelic Integration and Transformational Coach, Neuro-Linguistic Programming Practitioner, Master Instructor in Integrated Energy Therapy

Greg Lawrence is a Psychedelic Integration and Transformational Coach and an active member of the Southern California psychedelic community. In addition to his private practice Greg works as a Psychedelic Integration Coach with:

The Transpersonal Center, a psychotherapy practice located in Los Angeles, as well as two organizations that focus on psychedelic advocacy, education, harm reduction and integration:

Psychedelic Experience Integration (PsychedeLiA), where he does integration work with clients one-on-one and has for nearly five years facilitated bi-weekly Community Integration Circles; and

Innerspace Integration, where he serves as a member of their Integration Support Network.

In working with people Greg draws upon his studies and knowledge of psychology, Neuro-Linguistic Programming, integrative coaching, meditation, and energy/body work, as well as his own deep experience using psychedelics and entheogens for personal and spiritual growth.

Otto Maier

Otto Maier

Psychedelic Integration Coach, Kambo Practitioner, Breath-work & Meditation Instructor

Otto is a certified and practicing Psychedelic Integration Guide, Kambo practitioner, Breathwork facilitator, Psychedelic educator with Psychedelic School, and a spiritual and emotional well being teacher. His personal spiritual path has led him from personal tragedy and a mental health crisis, to spending months studying meditation at Ashrams in northern India, experiencing master plant dietas in the Peruvian jungle, studying psychedelic integration, jungian psychology, and transformational recovery. Finding inspiration and resonance from the teachings of depth psychology, Jiddu Krishnamturi, abstract expressionism, and plant medicine.

Through his studies and trans-personal experiences it became apparent that these series of “tragedies” in his life were actually the hallmarks of an alchemical process of awakening into a deeper, more meaningful and soulful life. It is his personal conviction that our most direct source of meaning and communion with our essence and vitality is to connect to and uncover the language of this alchemical process, the language of what moves through us.

The main focus of his work is assisting others in bridging the gap between their plant medicine/spiritual experiences and their everyday lives. He enjoys riding motorcycles, reading jungian psychology, daydreaming, drinking far too much coffee, crying, poetry, sharing music, ideas, minimalism, nomadic living, long-boarding, and dark humor.