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When The Drop Joins The Ocean: An Evidence-Based And Personal Exploration Of 5-MeO-DMT

“The revival of psychedelic science and research has produced a fascinating wealth of information about their therapeutic potential. From treatment-resistant depression to PTSD and addiction, psychedelic medicine is proving to be a powerful tool for healing the human race. One of the most surprising discoveries is the incredibly powerful psychedelic known as 5-MeO-DMT.”


Psychedelic Retreat Group Kaivalya Kollectiv Welcomes The Conscious Fund onto Advisory Board

“In the booming era of the psychedelic renaissance, there are many options for undergoing a psychedelic experience, from ketamine clinics to MDMA assisted therapy, underground ceremonies, and of course one of the most popular methods is the retreat setting. For many, the multi-day container of a retreat allows them the proper space to undergo the type of work that can be expected from the psychedelic experience. One of the leaders in the retreat space has been Kaivalya Kollectiv’s “Tandava Retreats”, run by Founder, CEO, and 5-MeO-DMT facilitator Joel Brierre.”


I Wanted Ego Death. This Powerful Psychedelic Gave It To Me.

“The trip began, as most things do nowadays, on Zoom. My fellow participants and I met the retreat’s facilitator, Joël Brierre, who has penetrating eyes and a wide, friendly smile. His body is an inventory of ink from various traditions: blocks of Sanskrit text, mandalas, thick Polynesian-style whorls. His background, he told me, was “yogic philosophy.”



How to Choose A Psychedelic Facilitator or Retreat Center with Joël Brierre

In this conversation, Joël shares personal stories and his expertise as a facilitator to help guide you in making good decisions when choosing psychedelic services. Joël starts by bringing up the idea of the “container,” which is a term to describe the atmosphere, preparation, and expertise involved in the facilitation of psychedelic experiences. The idea of a container is helpful for evaluating what situations facilitators would be prepared to navigate: Do the providers have training to respond in case of an emergency? Do they have systems in place to prevent emergencies from happening in the first place?


Psychedelic Conversations Podcast | Joel Brierre

“Joël works specifically in the retreat setting and with over a decade of retreat experience, has curated a container that is meant to facilitate lasting change. Drawing from a combination of eastern, as well as contemporary western integrative practices, these retreats give participants a space to safely unfold, address trauma, undergo cathartic release, and have the support system to put themselves back together (along with their emotional patterning) in a way that serves their higher calling. With a heavy focus on integration and aftercare, participants are able to create lasting change and find deeper states of peace than they thought conceivable”