Colette Condorcita

Colette Condorcita is a shamanic coach, ceremony facilitator, hypnotherapist, teacher, and permaculture designer. At age 15 Colette healed complete quadriplegia with a 2% chance of recovery using techniques she intuitively learned and now shares them with her clients as part of her self-directed neuroplasticity framework for self-healing. This injury opened Colette to begin walking a shamanic path of study with nature and consciousness. Colette supports her coaching clients in the shamanic and scientific aspects of Shamanic Energetic Change Work, offering guidance, education, and support in working with earth’s healing medicines in all forms. Her coaching practice Condor Medicine LLC is a platform for her students to work with Colette through their own unique path of healing and exploring consciousness. Through one on one, group coaching and retreats, Colette guides and supports her clients and students with herbal and entheogenic medicine support with safety always the highest consideration. Many individuals work with Colette to learn Shamanic practices, with and without sacred medicines, to support their neurological systems, heal trauma triggers, change unhealthy thought patterns, support neurodivergent stress in a capitalist world, and find empowerment in being able to control their own self directed brain change. Colette trains virtually all her coaching clients…

Eugene A. Alliende

Eugene A. Alliende, LMFT, is a California licensed transpersonal psychotherapist and meditation teacher. He has been providing traditional and transpersonal psychotherapy for more than 22 years, and has been teaching meditation for close to 20. Eugene is the author of Dimensions of Being: An Explorer’s Guide to Consciousness.  With over thirty years of yoga, meditation, and psychedelic practice, his passion is the exploration of consciousness and how a deeper understanding of our true nature can help heal the individual and the world.

Joel Brierre

Joel Brierre is a Yogi, psychedelic integration specialist, and spiritual coach. He began his relationship with psychedelics as a teenager in an exploratory manner. Marveling at the chance to explore the unexplored, Joel began training with Curanderos in Peru in 2001 where he further pursued these heightened states of awareness. Eventually shifting his focus into a deep and devoted yoga practice, he began teaching yoga and meditation and soon moved on to India to study in an ashram setting in Rishikesh. From there he traveled all around the world, soaking up knowledge and sharing what he’d learned. He was reintroduced to plant medicine in 2009 while living in the Caribbean and began to incorporate this into his yoga practice. From there he went on to study with various guides and facilitators of different lineages and practices With this combination of knowledge, Joël now leads retreats and workshops around the world on plant medicine and yoga connection. With over 10 years of teaching and multiple teacher training, Joël is certified at 500 ERYT. Joël mainly works with the compound 5-MeO-DMT in its pure form as well as in the venom of the Bufo Alvarius toad. This compound is said to be…

Quilley Powers

Quilley began exploring many different psychedelic  medicines under the tutelage of Leo Zeff in the early 1970s while recreationally participating in the culture of the day.  Her first non-dual experiences were with the Grateful Dead on medicine.  She has been practicing meditation for over 30 years and helping organize retreats. She has accumulated just under 3 years of mostly silent retreat practice, including time in dark meditation.  Quilley is also an end-of-life Doula, including offering medicine at times for the dying and was a lead moderator on the Toad and 5-MeO Forum and Support in service to the 5-MeO community.   

Rak Razam

Rak Razam is an alchemical storyteller with his finger on the pulse of tomorrow and the heart of today. A screenwriter, documentary film maker, author, journalist and culture maker, his focus is on the cultural paradigm birthing in this brave new world. Co-founder of the World Bufo Alvarius Congress (, he has become of of the world’s leading experts on 5-MeO, giving lectures and panel discussions at events worldwide. He has been facilitating bufo toad retreats in Mexico since 2016.

Victoria Wueschner

Victoria’s first introduction into the world of healing was through plant medicine. Knowing she had found her path, Victoria explored the world, working with different psychedelic plant medicines over the span of a decade, with both indigenous and modern teachers. In 2016 she set out to complete her Yoga teacher training in Bali, which allowed her to gain further insight into the different lenses used in spirituality. After returning to her home in Vancouver Island to share these gifts, she continued to persue her fascination with plant medicines. After taking time to honor her own process and growth, Victoria stepped into the role of a medical practitioner. In early 2019 she completed her Kambo training and certification through IAKP in Thailand. Later that year, Victoria then completed her first training with the powerful medicine 5-MeO-DMT, said to the be most powerful psychoactive experience known to man. Longing to deepen her understanding of medicine, she continued 2 more consecutive training over the span of a year. Deeply moved by the force of this medicine, she immersed herself in the toad community, learning all she could in order to best serve this powerful medicine to the world. Deeply intrigued by Joseph Campbell’s…