FAQs About the Retreats

While this new era of psychedelic renaissance in the West is exciting and poised to make a huge difference in mental health. We recognize that many cultures around the world have been refining the use of these medicines for thousands of years and that these “ancient” practices are in many ways, better at creating lasting positive change rather than a strictly clinical approach. These practices include yoga, meditation, plant medicines, and when necessary, spiritual lenses and philosophies. We also recognize the value of scientific measurement, safety, and standardization in this area of emerging Western medicine. We employ aspects of both worlds to provide the best bundle of effective and safe protocols, hence the motto, ancient roots for modern growth. 

Of all psychedelic substances that are known, we have found 5-MeO-DMT to be the most consistent at delivering a person’s consciousness to “the infinite” or “non-dual” state. It is also very fast-acting with a short duration. This consistency allows our work to be more precise compared to psychedelics with widely fluctuating experiences, most of which never come close to the state that 5-MeO-DMT provides. All psychedelic medicines have a time and a place, but we are best suited for 5meo, and 5meo is best suited for us. 

You will be seated on a comfy pad with two professional facilitators with you. This environment is designed to allow you to fully release and surrender into the experience, it is important that you feel safe and trust the people that will be keeping you safe. Extensive preparation will be granted to you before your experience, however, it is very rare to feel completely ready. Bravery is a key component of any hero’s journey and is always part of a growth process. 

You will only be accompanied by our trained facilitators who are there to keep you safe. You are allowed to invite anyone you would like who is present at the center to be present during your journey, but that is of course up to you.

You will have several consultation calls with our specialists before you attend our retreat. In those chats, you will get a better idea of who our methods are suited for, and how we will be personalizing your experience based on your story. If our specialists believe you are not suited for our offering they will let you know explicitly and offer a full refund.

1-7 other people, not including staff. We keep our sizes small so that each guest can be properly attended to. Having others who are going through the same thing as you can be very helpful in integrating your experience. Many guests stay in contact long after the retreat is over because of the bonds they form during their retreat.

Neuroplasticity is a well-documented side effect of many psychedelic medicines. This is helpful for our goal of transforming our habits into something more conducive to an enriched life experience. One unique after-effect of 5meo is the ability to observe our behavior from a much more objective point of view, a perspective more in tune with the new understanding of reality that 5meo brings. For example, let’s say you experience some anger or frustration in traffic on your way home from the airport. You may recognize yourself being emotionally affected by these variables outside of your control, you may take a moment longer to dig into those feelings and find that they are rooted in beliefs that you no longer feel to be true. identifying these areas (or triggers) that cause us to lose perspective, digging to the root of the issue, taking advantage of your newfound perspective, and your integration practices will help you address these triggers as they come up. Fixing the problems at the source. The 5-MeO-DMT experience in some ways allows you to rebuild yourself to be the person you want to be. Reactivations can also occur in approximately 15-20% of participants, which can be anything from a slight glimmer of the initial experience to a full endogenous 5-MeO-DMT experience. If they happen it will generally be within the first few nights of your initial experience and will usually occur at night between 2-4 AM. 

King-sized bed, shelf space, drawers, hangers, and bedside tables, Wifi, Natural light, view of the mountains.

For more info on the details of the center space watch this

Mornings begin with a gentile practice involving stretching, breathwork, and meditation. This is followed by a delicious breakfast enjoyed by the stunning mountain views. Medicine ceremonies are generally done in the late morning, or else there is lunch around noon, with free time in the mid-afternoon, followed by integrative practices, satsangs, and dinner. Most of your time here will be spent doing whatever you want while you integrate your experiences with 5meo. You may choose to go on a hike, explore town, swim, hang out and talk, journal, read, etc, etc… We like to keep it loose while still providing some sense of structure for our more punctual guests.

We begin your container with a medical and psychological screening/intake, this allows us to know that we can safely move forward with your process without harming you in any way. In your prep process, you will also receive a saliva swab test which you simply send back to the lab in a prepaid packaged envelope. This will tell us if you have any propensity towards serotonin syndrome or other possible risks. Your safety is our primary concern, all of our practitioners are certified first-aid responders and are ready to handle any emergency if it should arrive, though we have not had to utilize this in all of our years in practice. We have local medical professionals on call in case of emergency as well. 

Many people who have never had a psychedelic experience are wary of the idea of being “changed by a drug”, and rightfully so. One thought that can help a person understand the nature of the change that comes with a psychedelic experience is by examining the word “trip” that is commonly used to describe it. Would a trip backpacking across Europe change you? Of course, but it’s not the same type of change that was initially implied by the question. The experience 5-MeO-DMT offers is very powerful, many people refer to it as life-changing, some even compare it to the profundity of the birth of a firstborn child.

Container is the word we use to describe the space your experience will be held in, this includes your preparation before arrival, your experiences here at the center, and all the different tools we may use, as well as your integration after you return home to your daily life. We use the word container because it implies a sense of safety and separation from regular life, a chance to be vulnerable, and even allow yourself to work on the shadow side of your character (if need be). Many aspects of “the container” are individually chosen to fit your needs, which we start prepping for during our first few calls.

Yes, all of your needs will be met at our retreats. We have an excellent chef and all the other accommodations that you may need. Let it be our job to take care of you, your job is to take up space, ask for help, be vulnerable, and welcome positive transformation.

We often use the term “lense” when referring to various spiritual practices or religions. We feel that the great mystery itself is beyond concepts of the mind, and therefore cannot be contained in one specific spiritual path. We view these valuable lineages and paths as different lenses through which one can view something that is by nature ineffable. These lenses and frameworks give us geographies that allow us to navigate the realms of the unknown with a bit more footing. 

We keep all operations above board and only operate in areas where 5-MeO-DMT is not scheduled as an illegal substance.