Our Retreats

Retreats Crafted
to Your Individual Needs

We specialize in individual retreat containers, our Mexico property can take up to 6 participants doing their concurrent retreats. How it works, is medicine sessions and talk therapy sessions are done privately, and then there are optional group activities such as yoga, meditation, integration circles, sound healing, etc. where you can interact and connect with other participants. The idea is to tailor your retreat container to your needs, as they may differ from the next person. You will also be assigned an integration specialist from our team who will work remotely with you to assist you in integrating this journey into your daily life and getting the most out of your experience.

Individual retreats are perfect for those who are seeking a more personalized, private experience with 5-MeO-DMT.

Everyone is on their own unique journey and travels their own path to surrender, which is why we create a container specifically designed for your unique processes.

We draw from a range of tools to aid you through your unique process, western therapeutic techniques, as well as eastern practices to clear the path for you to safely traverse the next section of your hero’s journey.

You choose the path and we will support you, helping clear rocks that might cause you to stumble or branches that could block your vision forward.

Our retreat options are three, five, or seven days and are tailored to best suit your individual needs. Our individually tailored retreats are held at our flagship property center in sunny Tepoztlan, Mexico, where you can relax and enjoy our lush and cozy property.

Individual retreats are a great option for couples or for groups of up to 10 people.

The Process

We will begin your process several weeks before you arrive in Tepoztlan, with a thorough intake and screening process so we can ensure your mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual safety at every step.

Then we start our preparatory process through Zoom calls and journaling, which enables us to tailor a unique container based on where you are in your journey and what your personal process looks like. Whether you’re joining us to refine and deepen your self-understanding, heal from traumas, or bring your true self into the light, our team has the tools to support you.

We utilize techniques ranging from classic yogic and Buddhist approaches to western psychiatric and clinical practices combined with loving hospitality to ensure you will be held in every way at your individual retreat.

After your retreat, we will be working with you during your integration process to ensure a smooth transition back into your daily life. You will be given a specialized integration plan and will have at least 4 aftercare/integration calls with your personal integration specialist via zoom. Extended integration packages are also available for either three, six, or nine months.

To apply for a Tandava Retreat, please click the button below. You will be taken to our reservation page where you can book your individual retreat. A Tandava Retreats team member will be in touch with you shortly to ensure we can safely help you take the next step on your journey.

Please note that reserving your individual retreat will require a 25% deposit, which is fully refundable if it is established after our initial conversation that you are not suited for this retreat at this time.

If you are accepted into the retreat, your deposit payment will be applied to the cost of the retreat and we will begin the preparatory process to ensure you have the best possible experience in a safe, secure container for you.

Credit Card Disclaimer:

Please note that your credit card will only be used to pay for your retreat accommodations, wellness programs, and integration, however the plant medicine ceremonies cannot be paid via credit card. The minimal fee can be paid in cash to a third party at the center. Please feel free to contact us with any questions.

At our retreats, we will create a customized container for you. Some of the tools we use to do so are:

5-MeO-DMT/Bufo Alvarius
Optimized diet
Sound healing
Spiritual progress coaching
Shadow work
Refining your vision and mission to help navigate life